Plant Protection products refer to products containing one or more active substances intended to:

  • protect plants or vegetable products from all harmful organisms or to prevent their effects;
  • promote or regulate the life processes of plants;
  • preserve plant products, with the exception of preservatives covered by special     Community provisions;
  • eliminate undesired plants or part of them; except algae unless the products are applied on soil or water to protect plants;
  • check or prevent undesired growth of plants.

Expedia delivers its customers technical knowledge and experience to support chemical and agrochemical companies in product regulatory and registration processes.

Our network can assist Customers throughout the registration process, from the formulation development to the authorization of the product including following steps:

  • technical support for the planning of regulatory strategies;
  • preliminary risk assessment and Data Gap Analysis;
  • preparation of the technical and administrative dossiers;
  • planning and monitoring field and laboratory studies;
  • follow-up with the Authorities.