Biopesticides / Microorganisms

This category represents an innovative type of pesticides exploiting natural compounds, plant extract, microorganisms and/or semi-chemical compounds.

The considerable experience gained in the regulatory and scientific field and the continuous updating in order to keep up with the needs of companies and European requirements, allow us to offer our customers a wide range of services to support them in the registration process to better combine a fair use resources.

Expedia MRCC offers a wide range of services to support to the Companies that want to develop plant protection products containing microrganisms.

Biopesticides: what are they?

Biopesticides are an innovative type of pesticides containing natural compounds, microorganisms or semichemical compounds. The experience gained during recent years and the successes achieved by our team, allow us to offer full support during the registration process of this type of agricultural products that is increasingly supplanting the use of "traditional" plant protection products.