Expedia MRCC

A regulatory consulting company for registration. 

Expedia MRCC is founded on the belief in the value of our clients and professional staff. As a consulting company, we are committed to meet and exceed the needs of our clients by delivering technical excellence.

Expedia MRCC is a regulatory consulting company specializing in regulation and registration of end-user commercial products such as Plant Protection Products, Biocidal Products, Fertilizers, containing man-made or natural active substances, and inerts. These products are increasingly subject to mandatory registration procedures by European and national regulatory authorities. Expedia offers the expertise and experience in the Italian, southern European and Mediterranean market that our clients require. Our professional staff provides the expertise required to update, defend, restyle, expand, product portfolios, whilst keeping abreast of all relevant changes and adaptations in procedures due to technical progress.

Companies are currently facing budgetary and downsizing issues, therefore Expedia is a cost effective solution for our clients because outsourcing the registration office is an option and a solution to remain competitive. Our clients benefit from the wealth of knowledge and experience of our professional staff.

Our founders have successfully worked for more than 25 years in their capacity as Regulatory and Registration Managers in various high-profile multinational and international research-based companies. They are Company experts in Registration and Regulatory Affairs of Plant Protection Products, Biocidal Products, fertilizers and other products. Their experience includes strategic planning and follow up of the performance of all the research and development activities that result in the data-base required for the authorization of synthetic and natural pesticides, for both agricultural and non agricultural uses.

Among the different activities of our Company, in addition to the consultancy contracts we have with several clients, we would be interested in representing the technical political interface between the institutional regulatory system and extra European companies willing to enter the Italian and Southern European market, both through their own branches and through qualified distributors.

Our experts have experience in dealing with all of the Italian and European regulatory applications, whether relevant to Plant Protection Products or Adjuvants or Biocidal Products or other chemicals requiring authorization, (man-made or natural). Furthermore, we have developed excellent relationships with all of the relevant Ministries, Technical institutes, and officials, thereby adding value to every client assignment.

Expedia is located in Piacenza, Italy. We are available for collaboration with companies operating in Italy and throughout Europe and we offer support to elaborate registration dossiers and to handle the diverse administrative and technical activities necessary to obtain registration. At Expedia we are commited to our clients and we ensure absolute privacy and confidentiality.


Services offered

Support for registration, according to the pre-existing national regulations.


Support for registration and re-registration, according to the regulations of the European Union.


Adaptation of Plant Protection Products labels to DPD/DSD classification.


Evaluation, prior to submission, of registrative data-bases, to be integrated or developed.


Follow up of regulatory practices with the competent authorities.


Follow up of contract GLP laboratory studies, and GEP/GLP field studies.


Support for maintenance of the Clients’ product portfolio, and definition of the development strategy thereof.