The registration of plant protection products

Plant protection products are defined asactive substances and preparations containing one or more active substances, put up in the form in which they are supplied to the user, intended to:

  • protect plants or plant products against all harmful organisms or prevent the action of such organisms, in so far as such substances or preparations are not otherwise defined below;
  • influence the life processes of plants, other than as a nutrient, (e.g. growth regulators);
  • preserve plant products, in so far as such substances or products are not subject to special Council of Commission provisions on preservatives;
  • destroy undesired plants or destroy parts of plants, check or prevent undesired growth of plants.

Agricultural use of such products is subject to previous authorisation, a procedure also known as registration.

The founders of Expedia MRCC overall make available to their clients some seventy years of experience in registration of plant protection products and in research, to elaborate and follow up to registration every kind of application that can be required to be able to build up, increase, defend or, simply, keep a product portfolio updated.

In this offer, naturally, there are included not only the operations envisaged in enforcement of Dir 91/414/EC, enacted in Italy as Legislative Decree March 17, 1995, n.194, but also the operations envisaged in enforcement of the previous regulation. This regulation, the Circular Letter 20/90, will be applied until completion of the re-registration of the existing active substances as required by Regulation 3600/92.

The clients of Expedia MRCC can also rely upon expert assistance as far as the Decree of the President of the Republic 290/2001 (*) is involved, and for the application of the Directives on Classification of Dangerous Substances and Dangerous Preparations as well. We refer here to Dir 67/548/EC and its various ATP’s (Adaptation to Technical Progress), and, in particular, to Dir 1999/45/EC and its update Dir 2006/8/EC, enforced in Italy with Decree of Ministry of Health April 3, 2007.

Expedia MRCC does not limit its activities to elaboration and follow up to completion of the different practices, but can also support in product development activities:

  • By following the elaboration of experimental protocols for the various types of laboratory and field research;
  • By following the various experimental activities and the analyses of residues and, in the case of agronomic research in greenhouse and field, by supplying the report with the consumer risk assessment relevant to the dietary exposure.

Expedia can elaborate the risk assessment also for other aspects of the dossier, like Physical Chemistry, Toxicology, Ecotoxicology. This expert assistance can be provided both using already available client’s data and following planning and performance of the experimental work.

In case the reports relevant to these research activities, or the Annexes to be submitted with registration applications are devised for use also in other Countries (European or extra European), Expedia MRCC can supply them in English language. For registration activities outside Italy Expedia MRCC is collaborating with experts of specific competence. For part of the activities described, there is also collaboration with external experts, working under complete Expedia MRCC’s responsibility.


(*) DECREE OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC April 23, 2001, n. 290 Regulation of simplification of the procedures to authorise, produce, put onto the market, and sell plant protection products and adjuvants thereof (n. 46, annex 1, law n. 59/1997).